Hints & Tips: Bump To Baby Photography Manchester

What is a Bump To Baby Photoshoot?

Our Bump to Baby photoshoot sessions are a series of 2 photoshoots at our studios in Manchester that capture the love and essence of welcoming your new arrival. The first photoshoot is a maternity session where at around 8 months we will capture heart-warming images of your bump. The second photoshoot will be your newborn photoshoot. This will take place in our fully equipped specialist studio ‘The Baby Barn’ where we pride ourself on our customers making themselves at home. We have everything you might need to make sure you and baby are super comfy, heating, tea and coffee, nappies, wipes, creams, bottle warmer etc so you won't have a single worry! You just get to relax! 

How do I Book A Bump To Baby Photoshoot?

Firstly you will need a voucher. If you haven't got yours yet these are available from our online shop via the "Buy Vouchers" tab. When you are ready to book in the first stage of your photoshoot which is your Maternity session, simply give us a call on 0161 286 3311 and press option 1 - One of our friendly bookings team will be happy to assist you in finding the right time slot for your portrait session. We recommend that your maternity session is left until 8 months to ensure bump is at its biggest.

How long does the maternity photoshoot take?

The maternity photoshoot will take approximately 1 hour.


What shall I bring for my maternity session?

To get the best variety in your photoshoot, pleasebring 2 outfits and one set of plain underwear. The tighter your clothes the better as we will be able to see more of bump! Please avoid swing style dresses or anything too baggy. Shoes are not essential but bring a pair that match your outfit, then we will go barefoot. You can also bring anything that make the photos a bit more personal. A scan picture, a pair of booties or even a small teddy. We can then also reuse these when you come back for your newborn session.

Does the maternity photoshoot include makeup?

 No. Our maternity photoshoots are usually done quite naturally however you are more than welcome to wear makeup if you wish. Please make sure this is done before you arrive at the studio. You can even add on an optional makeup session with one of our own makeup artists for just £25. This will take an extra hour and will take place before your session. Please mention you are interested when you book.

When is the best time to book our newborn photoshoot?

The ideal age for a newborn photoshoot is between 5 and 10 days so as soon as you have had baby you must give us a call. When they are this age they sleep lots and are very flexible so we can get them into lots of squishy sleepy poses! Anything over 10 days they start to become stronger and more alert  meaning there is no guarantee we will be able to do all of those poses. Our cut off date for newborn photoshoots is 3 weeks, after this date if you cannot get in we will book you in for a 6 month ‘sitting up’ session instead.

What shall I bring for my newborn photoshoot?

For starters we recommend aiming to set off for your photoshoot with us a bit early as timings won’t be as easy now with a little one in tow! You don’t need to bring much with you, we have everything in the studio you may need, nappies, wipes, creams etc just bring a little something to make the photoshoot a bit personal. Why not bring the small teddy back you brought to your maternity photoshoot? You don’t need outfits for baby, we use a lot of wraps and materials to keep the photoshoot natural and classic.

How long does the newborn Photoshoot take?

We allow approximately 2 and a half hours for our newborn sessions. Most of this will be spent settling and feeding baby so sometimes it can be an hour or so before we even start photographing.

Can we have a photograph with baby?

Of course, we like to grab a few photographs at the end of the photoshoot of baby with parents so be prepared for that! Please ensure you both bring along (or wear) a plain black top as wearing the same colour adds to the overall feel of your image! You are more than welcome to bring siblings along however please ensure you bring something to keep them occupied as the photoshoot is 2.5 hours. We will try our hardest to get a shot of them together but depending on the age of the siblings and how baby is getting along please be aware this may not always be possible. Please also be aware that due to restricted space (The Baby Barn is nice and cosy!) there will only be room for 2 adults on the day of your newborn session. 

What sort of props do you use in the newborn photoshoot?

We like to keep our newborn photoshoots relatively natural with subtle headbands, hats and delicate wraps to cover baby. Depending on how baby sleeps we also have a range of baskets, buckets and even a moon prop that looks gorgeous against a black background like the night sky! We tailor the colour scheme to suit you and like to go for a pop of colour along with some more natural tones.

When will we get to see the final pictures?

Once you have been in for your newborn session, we will then book you in a viewing roughly a week later. There you can get comfy, grab some tissues, and see all your pictures from both your maternity and newborn sessions! We will show you a bespoke slideshow and then you select the images you would like from your photoshoots and how you would like to take them home!

Can we decide after the viewing session?

The Bump to Baby photoshoot series includes 1 viewing session, the only way to revisit the images from a shoot at a later date after this would be to book another viewing session which are available at £50.00 each.