Pre-Baby Bucket List!

It can seem like you have so much to do before baby is due to arrive and time just totally slips away from you! Before you know it you will be in your final trimester and you're panicking that things will start to become really real!

Well just stay calm! There are lots of things out there that people say need to be done before baby arrives, but most of it is not necessary and the world won't end if you don't get it done! For example, the baby will be with you for 6 months anyway, so where's the mad rush to get the nursery done in 3 days!? It's all unnecessary stress that you don't need to put on yourself! It is so important that you remember to do stuff for you to relax and enjoy your final weeks of being pregnant!


This is a list I have put together of what I think is the most important things to put on your pre-baby bucket list, it may be a bit different than others as it's mostly focused on you but trust me! Everything else will fall into place! A relaxed and calm mum makes for a much easier labour!

  1. Travel - Go and visit some places that are new and different. When I say travel I don't mean jump on a plane but just enjoy some days out with your partner. Try a few days away to somewhere in the UK you have never been and take some time to enjoy your surroundings without having little ones to run after. When baby gets here the type of trips will be totally different. Enjoyable of course but make the most of what you like to see and do now.
  2. Watch TV - Loads of it, get your fill of Netflix and all those shows you promised yourself you would catch up on! 
  3. Stay in bed - Have a lovely lie in and then stay in bed for even longer. Enjoy that uninterrupted time of just being cosy. Even grab yourself a good book and try and finish it before baby arrives.
  4. Date Nights - Whether this is with your partner or with your besties, make sure you get plenty of date nights in. Going to dinner, the cinema, be spontaneous with it! Much more thought and planning will have to go into them once the baby arrives! Make sure you spend plenty of time on your hair and makeup and feel amazing!
  5. Eat food you don't want to share - Soon nothing will be your own!! Make the most of enjoying your favourite sweets as in no time you will be tearing your house apart to find the best hiding places. 
  6. Take a bath- Make the most of being undisturbed. Light some candles while it's safe to do so and you don't have tiny hands clambering at things they shouldn't!
  7. Enjoy a spa day - There are lots of places out there that offer pregnancy spa packages. Take a day to unwind and get yourself a message to all those muscles that are starting to feel the extra strain. 
  8. Put together a pregnancy playlist - Choose some nice acoustic tracks and put together a lovely playlist that you can have on your iPod for when everything starts to happen! 
  9. Write a letter - To your partner or a family member that has really helped you out throughout your pregnancy. Communication is often lost because of technology and you can really write how you really feel without holding back or getting embarrassed. Give it to your loved one along with a photograph of you and baby after they are born. 
  10. Host a house party - Have lots of friends around, not as a baby celebration, just to appreciate their friendship. Make some food, buy some drinks, get yourself some mocktails made (see our mocktail list!) and dance until the early hours to some really cheesy music. Your next party will be a toddlers tea party where you will be cleaning jelly out of the carpets!

Welcome to the Baby Barn!!

Hello all!

I'm super excited to say that the Baby Barn is currently being upgraded! We are having a bit of work done to the studio to make it even more comfier and cosier for future! We are going to create some more space to add in a few more sets to create gorgeous pictures of your babba's!

As a little celebration of this milestone within Andrew Wood Photography and to look at how far we've come, I have put together a few of my favourite baby photographs we've taken to date.!

We have met lots of little personalities so far over the years while we have been taking newborn photographs, some super sleepy and some super stubborn but all gorgeous and cute all the same!  

We would love to hear what you think of this collection!!

Sammi x