Your Maternity photography session at our studio in Manchester. 

What To Expect During Your Maternity Photoshoot...

The exciting journey to becoming a mum starts with the beautiful life growing inside you. A maternity photoshoot gives you a lovely moment in which to capture and celebrate the end of the 9 month journey you have been on before your new arrival!  

The session will last approximately an hour at our Manchester studio and in this time your photographer will help to style your photoshoot to show off your gorgeous bump. We will use a number of different outfits and backgrounds to capture a wide variety of images that you will treasure forever.   


Our Style

We like to keep our maternity photoshoots simplistic and classy but still with elements of fun! We love using materials such as lace and chiffon to really add an elegant edge to your photographs. You will even get to see your final images in black and white which is a popular favourite for keeping these precious images timeless. 

What To Bring...

Please bring along 2 different outfits for your photoshoot and a set of either black or white lingerie. A casual outfit and a smarter outfit are often good choices but please make sure these are as skintight as possible to ensure bump can be seen. Tight maxi dresses, leggings and tank tops are all popular choices. If you're bringing your partner along, please make sure their outfit choices compliment yours.

Bring along anything else you want to help personalise your photoshoot. People often bring in scan pictures, teddy bears and baby booties to look back on! 


Please take a look at our Hints & Tips page before you come in for your maternity photoshoot to get more detailed information on what to expect and what to bring!!